Crystals for emotional healing
Crystals for emotional healing

Crystals For Emotional Healing

Using crystals for emotional healing is an incredibly powerful practice, widely used to help us manage our feelings with the ability to dispel negative thoughts and bring to light our best qualities. Each crystal has its own unique abilities, which, when used in conjunction with other mindfulness practices, can help to guide us on our journeys of self-improvement.

The process of sourcing sustainable crystals is tricky business, however, as they continue to grow in popularity, so do the number of unethically and unsustainably sourced types. Be sure to check the small print so you know you’re buying from a credible and ethically sourced-provider. I recommend Moonrise Crystals who deliver internationally, or Dubai-based OOAKSTONES.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite crystals, their properties, purposes, benefits and how I use them in my daily routine.

Rose Quartz

A pink-coloured crystal belonging to the mineral class of quartz, also known as hyaline quartz, rose quartz is a translucent crystal with a trigonal central system. It is one of the most abundant and inexpensive crystals – making it perfect for jewellery. 

With its blushed feminine hue, there’s no surprise that rose quartz represents love and compassion. This crystal will inspire you to love yourself, especially in times of loneliness and abandonment, and is a great tool for healing the heart. Rose quartz is ripe with emotional healing properties for negative feelings, too. It has the power to release bad emotions like grief, anger, jealousy, stress and rage, so you can convert them into joy and self-love instead.

Making the most of the stone’s compassionate energy, I like to keep rose quartz in my bedroom to increase the love vibrations. Since we’re 80% water and rose quartz is a very high-frequency crystal, I find placing it in my water every morning helps to set me on the right path for the day ahead. 

Jade Crystal


A purple variety of quartz, amethyst is a semiprecious stone with a glassy lustre and forms part of the hexagonal crystal system. Thanks to its ability to change under the influence of different lights and temperatures, the stone can evolve with the body and create a close connection with our life experiences. 

One of the most powerful gemstones of its kind, amethyst has strong healing properties and is known for its ability to purify, create serenity and overcome sadness. With its spiritual awareness and protective nature, it can balance your emotions making it a great stone to have by your side during a time of loss. Amethyst’s warming purple colour acts as a natural tranquiliser and a spiritual connection, believed to welcome intuitive energies and enhance our psychic abilities.

I tend not to use amethysts on my body when I’m feeling distracted as it can increase feelings of anxiety. Instead, I prefer to keep them in my bedroom as they help me reach a deep state of sleep and induce psychic dreams as I’m able to connect with my mind on a deeper level.

Moonstone Crystal for emotional healing


Amazonite, or  “The Hope Stone”, is a variety of potassium feldspar, in the microcline mineral class. Part of the triclinic crystal system, it has a  glassy lustre. It is mostly recognised for its cool blue or green colouring; a gentle colour scheme that reflects the earth’s natural beauty. Amazonite helps us to prioritise the good over the bad as it calls on our inner strength and commitment to apply that can-do attitude to everything we do.

Amazonite has the power to restore calm, ward off negative thoughts and grant a sense of peace. Replacing confusion with clarity, this gemstone can guide you through your emotional healing journey when you’re experiencing anger, fear or confusion. Helpful for those with past trauma, amazonite can soak up toxic attitudes – whether from yourself or others – and leave you with a clear path to let go of negativity.

This stone is also connected to the heart chakra, by allowing love to be given and received, and the throat chakra, to open up communication channels and create healthy boundaries. During my chakra healing regime, I like to place amazonite on my throat chakra and chant “HAM” to rebalance this part of my body and focus on the positive healing effects.

Carnelian Crystal for emotional healing
Rose Quartz Crystal


Identified by its tranquil shade of green, jade is another popular stone. A silicate mineral often synonymous with East Asian art, it is part of the jadeite class and has a monoclinic crystal system. Inspired by the ancient world, the stone is often placed within the home to cleanse the environment and create beautiful decorations, but can also be worn to ignite feelings of luck, happiness and energy for the user. 

Jade’s meaning translates to confidence, acceptance and health – whether that’s emotional, spiritual or physical. Mentally, the stone can encourage feelings of self-sufficiency and the need to dispel negative thought patterns so you’re able to love and accept yourself more easily.

Since rose quartz and jade both deal with compassion and heart healing, I like to combine these crystals and place them on my heart chakra to connect with their energies. My daily beauty routine utilises these crystals together, too, as they have significant benefits for the skin. Whilst rose quartz helps stimulate blood circulation and create a more natural glow, jade releases its healing powers when placed close to the skin.

Crystals for emotional healing


Part of the feldspar mineral group and an orthoclase stone, the moonstone is made of sodium potassium aluminium silicate which creates that pearly opalescent look. Deeply connected to the moon, this stone acts as a symbol of the goddess spirit, balancing feminine, hormonal energy. 

A powerful tool for creating emotional balance, this gemstone ensures you are moving in flow with the world around you and is known for helping to create new beginnings. Replacing feelings of overwhelm, the moonstone can create harmony with its naturally calming effects. Connected to the cosmos, the moonstone is deeply spiritual allowing you to connect with and heal the heart, third eye and crown chakras. 

My favourite is the peach moonstone, which helps to light up the dark to wash away fears and anxieties. I use this stone during my moon cycle to calm the cramps, as it has great healing powers for the female body. For me, the moonstone goes hand in hand with rose quartz, as both work in unison to calm female energies and increase feelings of compassion – I tend to keep both together in my bedroom and let them work their magic.

Amazonite Crystal


A member of the chalcedony family, carnelian is a silica mineral with a hexagonal crystal system and a glassy lustre. Known for its warm red and brown colouring, it is often referred to as ‘The Sunset Stone’. The stone was blessed by ancient Egyptians who tied the orange carnelian to feminine energy, the menstrual cycle and fertility. Whilst the red carnelian represents masculine energy and embracing new, emerging energies, this stone can stimulate feelings of love, passion and courage for its user.

A potent healing crystal, the carnelian is all about bringing your internal powers to light and giving you a bright burst of energy, banishing feelings of misplacement and fatigue. With the power to give you the drive you need to prosper and conquer – especially with tasks of a creative nature – it’s no surprise that it’s also considered ‘The Artist’s Stone’, encouraging feelings of spontaneity. Once your creative juices are flowing (and your spirit), you’ll be granted the power to let go of anger – which could have been holding you back. 

As the carnelian is a highly energising stone, I tend not to keep this one in my bedroom since that’s my space to relax and unwind. Instead, I find it’s best when worn or placed in my workspace as this can increase my motivation and determination to get things done. I like to use this crystal when working with my sacral chakra, where our passion, intimacy and inner fire sit. Using the carnelian in my practice helps to guide energy from my pelvis to my navel, so it can flow freely throughout my body.

The Holistic Approach

Each of these crystals can make a great addition to your home, workplace or jewellery. Keeping them close will emanate their powers, passing them onto the mind, body and soul. They’re best used as part of a wider holistic approach and in conjunction with other healing methods, so I would recommend combining crystal work with wellness practices like movement, meditation and maintaining a balanced diet

Or, if you’d like to find out more about the ancient practice of chakra and how to best connect with your inner self, have a read of the first blog in my series: The Chakra Chapters.

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