Manifesting is a powerful tool
Manifesting is a powerful tool

Manifesting for Beginners

Manifesting is a powerful tool that allows you to shape your reality by harnessing the energy of your thoughts, intentions, and beliefs. It’s about aligning your inner world with your outer world to attract positive outcomes. Whether you’re new to the concept or looking to refine your manifesting skills, this guide will walk you through the principles and practices to help you manifest your desires and dreams.

Understanding Manifesting Principles

At the heart of successful manifesting are three fundamental principles that guide the process, enabling you to harness the power of your intentions and beliefs to shape your reality.

For effective manifesting, you must be clear with your intentions

Clarity of Intention

To effectively manifest your desires, you must first gain crystal-clear clarity about what you wish to bring into your life. The more specific and detailed your intention, the more focused your energy becomes. Vague intentions yield vague results, as they lack the direction needed for the universe to respond effectively. Take the time to delve deep into your desires. Ask yourself what you truly want, and then articulate it in precise detail. This clarity acts as a beacon, guiding your energy toward a specific goal, making the manifestation process more effective and efficient.

Belief and Positivity

Your beliefs have the power to shape your reality. Manifesting begins with cultivating an unshakable belief in the possibility of your desires coming true. Doubt and scepticism can sabotage the process. Instead, nurture an unwavering belief that what you desire is not only possible but attainable. Pair this belief with positivity. Negative thoughts and emotions create resistance, hindering the flow of energy necessary for manifestation. By maintaining a positive mindset and focusing on the potential for your desires to materialise, you create a fertile ground for manifestation to occur.

Energy Alignment

Everything in the universe is energy, and your thoughts, emotions, and actions are no exception. Manifesting involves aligning your energy with your intentions. Think of your desires as a radio station you want to tune into. To pick up the desired frequency, you need to be on the same wavelength. Similarly, aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your intentions creates a magnetic force that draws your desires closer. This alignment signals to the universe that you’re ready to receive what you’re asking for. It’s about living as if what you want is already on its way, infusing your energy with the anticipation of success.

Incorporating these manifesting principles into your practice provides a strong foundation for your intentions to take shape. Remember, manifesting is not just about wishing; it’s about aligning your inner world with the universe’s energy, ensuring that your desires resonate with the vibrations of creation.

Practical Manifesting Practices


Create affirmations in the present tense that align with your intention. Repeat them daily to reprogram your subconscious mind with positive beliefs. For example, “I am abundant and attract opportunities effortlessly.”


Spend a few minutes each morning and night visualising your desired outcome. Feel the emotions associated with achieving it. Visualisation imprints your subconscious mind, making your intention more potent.


Write a detailed script of your life as if your desires have already manifested. Describe your daily experiences, feelings, and interactions. This practice amplifies your belief in your manifestation.

Vision Boards

Vision boards are visual representations of your goals and dreams. They serve as powerful tools to make your intentions more tangible and specific. Creating a vision board allows you to focus your energy on what you want to manifest.


Create affirmations in the present tense

I’ve personally experienced the incredible impact of vision boards in your manifesting practice. I created one that featured images of travel destinations, adorable dogs, vegan food, and motivational fitness quotes. As I looked at it daily, it kept my intentions clear and inspired me to take action. I found myself researching travel options, exploring new vegan recipes, and embracing a healthier lifestyle. Before I knew it, I was jetting off to stunning destinations, savouring delicious plant-based meals, and embracing a fit and energetic lifestyle.

manifesting dream getaways

My Personal Manifesting Practice

Utilising mood boards and affirmations became instrumental in materialising my vegan business endeavour, Plant Essence. Immersed in vibrant images of flourishing greenery and bolstered by affirmations of business success, not only did I successfully launch a thriving venture, but I also attracted kindred collaborators and customers who resonated deeply with my vision.

Furthermore, the transformative power of mood boards extended to fostering meaningful friendships and even manifesting dream getaways to enchanting destinations like Santorini and Bali. These visual representations and empowering affirmations served as constant, tangible reminders of my aspirations, and remarkably, the universe responded in kind.

Manifesting is about aligning your energy and focus with your desires. Whether you’re crafting affirmations, visualising success, scripting your future, or creating vision boards, the key is to infuse your intentions with positivity and unwavering belief. As you venture forth on your path of manifestation, it’s vital to trust in the process and bear witness to the enchantment that unfolds in your life. Through consistent practice and an open-hearted approach, you have the power to manifest the life you’ve long envisioned.

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